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The George Boole Foundation Ltd

Software Development Grants

The George Boole Foundation Ltd provides Software Purchase Grants (SPG) to assist individuals, groups, companies or government departments acquire recognised software via registered resellers or software development companies.

The objective of SDG is to encourage the use and increased diffusion of:

  • server side ECMAScript-based design and development
  • client side scripting to enhance the manipulation of operating systems and data/file management
These grants provided through partnership agreements between clients (government, agencies, companies, individuals) and the GBF which effectively reduce the costs of development for by between 25% and 50% of market estimated costs. Further information can be obtained from:

The George Boole Foundation Ltd (GBF) fosters the dissemination of information on the beneficial applications of deductive logic gor decision-making including digital systems based on Boolean Logic as a practical means of commemorating the works of George Boole 1815-1864. George Boole was a self-taught Englishman who developed the logical mathematics of human thought and deduction and that is used to design digital circuits, write computer programs and operate computers and other digital devices including the World Wide Web.

George Boole's work is of significance for two main reasons:

1. Boole's method of reduction used in the design of electrical circuits has endured for over 75 years. Even today the efficient design of smaller and higher performance circuits still relies upon Boolean logic and the process of Boolean reduction.

2. The interest in 5th Generation computers, expert systems and knowledge based engineering during the 1980s served to expose the foresight of George Boole. George Boole originally identified his calculus and mathematical logic as a result of having set out to explain how humans use knowledge of relationships to take decisions on the basis of a deductive process. Boole had sought to work out how people think and how they infer and arrive at conclusions under circumstances of varying probabilities of events. This provided the main foundation for modern decision analysis.

The advancing significance of decision analysis

As decisions become more complex with globalization and the accelerating pace at which decisions need to be taken, the quality of decision analysis is taking on vital importance. Boole's seminal work provides the essential foundation for the application of digital devices in deduction and decision analysis through expert systems and knowledge engineering. Boole's contribution is important to any process where decision-making aims to reduce the use of resources, to lower costs and minimize the risks of achieving objectives from complex miniature circuit design to environmental protection.

The George Boole Foundation Ltd

72 New Bond Street
London, W1S 1RR, UK
Telephone: +44 776 044 425

1  ECMAScript is the international standard for JavaScript (standard no 262 at ECMA and ISO/IEC standard no 16262). The leading ECMAScript extension for server side design & implementation is DScript™. For further information on server side ECMAScripting visit

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